Sony FE C 16-35mm T3.1 Lens


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Assuming that you’re searching for a quick and adaptable wide-point cine zoom for your full-outline film camera, the lead FE C 16-35mm T3.1 G E-Mount Lens from Sony highlights a steady T3.1 gap with predictable execution all through its 16 to 35mm zoom range and gives excellent symbolism in low-light circumstances.

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Sony FE C 16-35mm T3.1 G Full-Frame Cinema Lens

The Sony FE C 16-35mm T3.1 G lens is a versatile tool designed to unlock your creative potential and deliver exceptional cinematic performance. Tailored for professional filmmakers and cinematographers, this lens offers high-quality optics, precise control, and reliable performance. With its wide-angle perspective, constant aperture, smooth manual controls, and durable build, the Sony FE C 16-35mm T3.1 G lens allows you to capture breathtaking visuals and bring your cinematic vision to life. Let’s explore its remarkable features and capabilities.

Professional Cinematic Performance: Exceptional Image Quality and Optics

The Sony FE C 16-35mm T3.1 G lens is built to deliver professional-grade cinematic performance. Its advanced optics, including aspherical and ED elements, ensure exceptional image quality, sharpness, and clarity across the frame. This lens minimizes aberrations and distortions, guaranteeing stunning visuals with precise detail and accurate colour reproduction. Whether shooting narrative films, documentaries, or commercial projects, this lens ensures exceptional cinematic results.

Wide-Angle Perspective: Immersive Storytelling and Visual Impact

With a wide-angle focal length range of 16-35mm, the Sony FE C 16-35mm T3.1 G lens enables immersive storytelling and visual impact. It expands your creative possibilities by capturing expansive landscapes, grand architectural shots, and dramatic wide-angle scenes. The wide perspective adds depth and dimension to your footage, immersing the audience in the scene and enhancing the overall cinematic experience. Whether aiming for breathtaking establishing shots or creating intimate close-ups, this lens allows you to shape your narrative with its wide-angle capabilities.

Constant T3.1 Aperture: Consistent Exposure and Creative Control

The constant T3.1 aperture of the Sony FE C 16-35mm T3.1 G lens ensures consistent exposure throughout the zoom range, even in changing lighting conditions. This feature allows for seamless transitions and precise exposure control when capturing different scenes or shooting in challenging environments. Additionally, the wide aperture enables creative control over the depth of field, allowing you to isolate subjects and create a cinematic look with selective focus. Whether shooting in low-light conditions or aiming for a specific aesthetic, the constant aperture empowers you to maintain consistent exposure and unleash your creative vision.

Smooth Manual Focus and Iris Control: Precise Cinematic Adjustments

The Sony FE C 16-35mm T3.1 G lens offers smooth and precise manual focus and iris control, giving you complete creative control over your cinematic shots. The focus and iris rings are designed for precise adjustments, enabling accurate focus pulls and seamless iris changes. This level of control is essential for creating cinematic effects, controlling depth of field, and executing precise transitions. Whether capturing a dynamic tracking shot or adjusting focus for a dramatic reveal, the manual controls of this lens ensure precise and cinematic results.

Durable and Reliable Build: Ready for Demanding Production Environments

Built to withstand the demands of professional filmmaking, the Sony FE C 16-35mm T3.1 G lens features durable construction that ensures reliability and longevity. The lens boasts a robust metal body and a focus barrel with industry-standard 0.8mm pitch gears, allowing seamless integration with follow-focus systems. It is also dust and moisture-resistant, providing peace of mind when shooting in challenging conditions. Whether on-location or in a controlled studio environment, this lens is ready to perform.


Elevate your cinematic vision with the Sony FE C 16-35mm T3.1 G full-frame cinema lens. Its exceptional image quality, wide-angle perspective, constant aperture, smooth manual controls, and durable build make it a powerful tool for capturing breathtaking visuals and telling compelling stories. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or a passionate cinematographer, this lens is designed to deliver outstanding cinematic performance and unlock your creative potential. Experience the difference with the Sony FE C 16-35mm T3.1 G lens.


MOUNT  –  Sony E-mount

FORMAT  –  35mm full frame

FOCAL-LENGTH (MM)  –  16-35



ANGLE OF VIEW (35MM)  –  107゚-63゚

ANGLE OF VIEW (APS-C)  –  83°-44°1





MINIMUM FOCUS DISTANCE  –  0.28 m(0.92 ft)



ZOOM SYSTEM  –  Both manual and power

HOOD TYPE  –  Square shape, fixed type


  • Wide-point zoom intended for full-outline E-mount cine cameras, this focal point is additionally viable with full-outline film cameras, for example, the PXW-FX9.
  • The included separable servo unit gives agreeable fingertip control to smooth, progressive zooms reasonable for a sluggish show or special video. Servo and manual control are switchable by the button on the focal point unit, and keeping in mind that set to servo you have some control over zoom through the camera’s handle or hold zoom.
  • Steady T3.1 greatest gap offers reliable execution all through the zoom range for working in troublesome lighting conditions.
  • Two XA (outrageous aspherical) components and three aspherical components are joined into the optical plan and element better surface accuracy for compelling command over astigmatism, field bend, and other circular distortions.
  • An additional two low scattering components are highlighted in the focal point plan and assist with diminishing chromatic deviations and shading bordering for further developed lucidity and shading lack of bias.
  • A Nano AR covering has been applied to diminish surface reflections, flare, and ghosting for expanded differentiation and shading delivering in solid lighting conditions.
  • Direct reaction manual concentration and Enhanced Hybrid self-adjust offer speedy, calm, and exact centring execution to suit cine applications.
  • Adjusted 11-edge stomach adds to a satisfying bokeh quality while utilizing specific center strategies.


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