Sony FE 400mm f/2.8 GM OSS Lens


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Sony’s most exceptional focal point advances have been unsparingly applied in this huge gap super zooming focal point, accomplishing unprecedented speed, extraordinary G Master goal and bokeh, in addition to proficient control and dependability. In addition, the SEL400F28GM is the astoundingly lightweight super zooming focal point, giving unrivaled handheld shooting opportunity.

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Mixing progressed focal point advances with a refined and moderately lightweight plan, the Sony FE 400mm f/2.8 GM OSS is a quick super-fax prime reason worked for sports and untamed life shooters working in attempting conditions. Offering reach and speed, this G Master focal point likewise accomplishes noteworthy picture quality while staying simple to utilize handheld, because of the fair plan an Optical SteadyShot picture adjustment.


MOUNT  –  Sony E-mount

FORMAT  –  35mm full-frame



LENS GROUPS / ELEMENTS  –  17-23 *Including one filter

ANGLE OF VIEW (35MM)  –  6°10′

ANGLE OF VIEW (APS-C)  –  4°10′1





MINIMUM FOCUS DISTANCE  – 2.7 m (8.86 ft)


FILTER DIAMETER (MM)  –  40.5 (slot-in)




HOOD TYPE  –  Round shape


  • Innovative G Master F2.8 super-telephoto

Sony’s most progressive focal point innovations have been unsparingly applied in this enormous gap super zooming focal point, accomplishing remarkable speed, extraordinary G Master goal, and bokeh, in addition to proficient control and unwavering quality. Also, the SEL400F28GM is the surprisingly lightweight super zooming focal point, giving unrivaled handheld shooting opportunities.

  • Newly developed XD (extreme dynamic) Linear Motor achieves extremely fast, precise, quiet AF

The XD Linear Motors utilized in the SEL400F28GM have been recently evolved to convey higher push and effectiveness than customary sorts to capitalize on the quickly developing rate execution of current and future camera bodies. The straight engine plan and part format have been entirely updated to accomplish a fundamentally higher push. Two of these new engines are utilized in the SEL400F28GM, accomplishing up to a 5x improvement2 in moving-subject following execution. This implies that the maximum speed execution of cutting-edge camera bodies can be applied to catching ideal pictures of the most powerful games or untamed life subjects. The XD engines are additionally upheld by new calculations grew explicitly for them, outstandingly working on the engines’ reaction to control flags and limiting slack and flimsiness that can happen while driving an enormous gap center focal point bunch for calm, low-vibration activity.

  • Extraordinary G Master resolution

All focal points bearing the G Master brand are intended to incredibly exclusive expectations, guaranteeing that extraordinary difference at high spatial frequencies is kept up right out to the picture edges. The optical plan incorporates three fluorite components that assist to limit pivotal chromatic variation that can be an issue in huge opening focal points, as well as parallel chromatic distortion that can decrease the goal towards the picture outskirts. Variety draining is successfully stifled, permitting clear proliferation of the best subject subtleties.

  • Natural, beautiful G Master bokeh

Notwithstanding cautious control of circular deviation at the planning stage, every focal point is exclusively tried and changed during assembling to accomplish the most elevated conceivable bokeh quality. An 11-sharp edge round opening system further adds to smooth roundabout bokeh. The SEL400F28GM permits the restricted profundity of field attainable with a 400mm F2.8 focal point to be used to make pictures with profound, lavish, defocused foundations.

  • Excellent flare resistance for high clarity and contrast

Sony’s unique Nano AR Coating is applied to inside focal point surfaces to really stifle reflections that can prompt flare and ghosting, essentially improving picture clearness and difference. (1. Nano AR covering/2. Glass/3. Sent light)

  • 1.4x and 2.0x tele-converter support, with high imaging and AF performance

Discretionary superior execution 1.4x and 2.0x tele-converters are upheld, giving up to 800mm central length (1200mm comparable on APS-C bodies) with an F5.6 most extreme aperture3. Remarkable imaging execution and quick, exact AF activity are kept up with when both of these superb tele-converters are utilized, guaranteeing that the focal point’s predominant G Master picture quality isn’t compromised.

  • Remarkably lightweight at just 2,895 grams (102.2 ounces)

A creative optical plan that incorporates three fluorite components and decreases the number of components sent at the front of the focal point barrel is behind the astoundingly lightweight of this fine focal point. Another weight-decreasing variable is the utilization of tough magnesium compound parts in the barrel. The SEL400F28GM weighs only 2,895 grams (102.2 ounces), giving movability and handheld mobility that dynamic picture takers will appreciate. Rehashed field tests and assessment by proficient picture takers has prompted a plan that isn’t front-weighty, decreasing snapshot of inactivity that opposes turn by up to approx. half contrasted with the SAL500F40G.4 Quicker, more exact panning is guaranteed whether shooting handheld or on a monopod.

  • Liberal use of magnesium alloy

A solid magnesium amalgam is utilized not just for the focal point barrel outside and stand mount, yet in addition for inside barrel parts too. This gives the extreme sturdiness that requesting proficient application expect while limiting in general weight.

  • Dust and moisture resistance maintains reliability in harsh environments

The residue and dampness safe plan gives the unwavering quality expected to open-air use in brutal circumstances.

  • Built-in optical image stabilization with new Mode 3

Optical picture adjustment is underlying, making it more straightforward to catch sharp pictures while shooting handheld. Notwithstanding the Mode 2 setting that is accommodated panning shots, the SEL400F28GM highlights another Mode 36 setting with a high-level calculation that guarantees more straightforward outlining while following moving subjects. Mode 36 gives ideal adjustment to following and shooting dynamic, capricious games activity. 5-pivot picture adjustment opens up when the SEL400F28GM is utilized with an α body that elements in-self-perception adjustment.

  • Function ring provided for the first time

The SEL400F28GM incorporates another capacity ring with switch selectable (preset concentration) and FUNCTION settings. Capacities, for example, Power Focus can be appointed to the FUNCTION mode through a camera body menu.

  • Versatile high-durability tripod mount

The mount collar ring utilizes orientation to guarantee smooth turn as well as high unwavering quality. The stand collar ring likewise includes 90-degree click stops and a switch that draws in or withdraws the snap stops as required. With the snap stops drew in it is not difficult to move rapidly among level and vertical camera directions. The snap stops can be separated when smooth, low-opposition activity is wanted.


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