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Sony FE 14 mm F/1.8 GM (SEL14F18GM.SYX)

The Sony FE 14 mm F/1.8 GM focal point is a superb focal point with a Sony E mount and a proper central length of 14 mm. With this special wide point focal point, you are guaranteed high-goal pictures with exact varieties and loads of detail. The focal point is reasonable for nature, engineering, Astro and inside photography on the grounds that the focal point is exceptionally light and delicate.

This Sony focal point is important for Sony’s notable G Expert line which represents the high goal and charming bokeh, opening up a universe of inventive opportunities for you. Sony utilizes both an aspherical and two XA and ED and one Super ED glass component with an extra-low scattering in this focal point. This forestalls astigmatism, field arch, extreme lethargies, circular variations, chromatic deviations and (variety) mutilations. So you can truly partake in a mind-boggling measure of detail, lucidity and variety from one corner to another. The new Nano AR II covering stifles flare and ghosting for more difference while working in various lighting conditions. The front component is fluorine-covered and is impervious to residue, and dampness and is not difficult to clean with the goal that you never again see fingerprints.

Sony involves two XD direct engines in this focal point and an interior centring component guarantees that you can concentrate quicker, calmer and all the more precisely. There is an Emphasis lock button on the focal point that gives speedy admittance to choose programmable settings. Likewise, the actual gap ring can be clicked free for smooth, calm gap exchanging for video applications. The roundabout gap with nine edges gives that run-of-the-mill charming bokeh that you would anticipate from a G Expert focal point.

The 14 mm focal point is made so that residue and dampness can’t enter. What’s more, the elastic working rings have been improved with the goal that you can involve the focal point in the most serious weather patterns. In this manner, it meets the necessities of a carefully prepared photographic artist.

The Sony FE 14 mm F/1.8 GM is 8.57 x 10.16 cm and weighs just 462 grams. A smaller and light focal point that you like to take with you in your pack as a voyaging photographic artist.

Features of the Sony FE 14 mm F/1.8 GM

  • Prime lens
  • Wide angle lens
  • Two XA elements (extreme aspherical elements)
  • Two ED (Extra Low Dispersion) elements
  • A Super ED element
  • An aspherical element
  • Suitable for landscapes, starry skies, portraits and videography.
  • Thanks to the 9 slats, you can create beautiful bokeh backgrounds
  • Nano AR Coating II prevents/minimizes internal reflections
  • Two XD (Extreme Dynamic) linear motors provide fast and accurate focusing
  • Dust and moisture-resistant design
  • Excellent to use when taking close-ups
  • Silent aperture switching for video


  • Sony FE 14 mm F/1.8 GM
  • Front cover
  • Back cover
  • Soft lens pouch


Warranty period 2 years
Fixed focal length (mm) 14.0
Minimum focal length (mm) 14.0
Maximum focal length (mm) 14.0
Fixed focal point
Number of aperture blades 9
Maximum aperture (f) 1.8
Minimum aperture (f) 16
Fixed aperture zoom lens
Aperture of 2.8 or faster
Length (mm) 83.0
Package contents
Lens structure (elements/groups) 14/11
Magnification factor 0.1


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