CANON EOS-1D X Mark III Digital SLR Body


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Canon EOS-1DX Mark III: A Powerful Camera for Professionals

When it comes to capturing those awe-inspiring moments that take our breath away, having the right camera is absolutely crucial. As any professional photographer knows, a high-performance camera is the key to transforming their creative vision into tangible works of art. That’s where the Canon EOS-1DX Mark III steps in, standing tall as an absolute powerhouse that caters to the demanding needs of professionals. In this article, we’ll delve deep into the incredible features and capabilities of this remarkable camera, exploring how it can take your photography to soar new heights.

Unparalleled Image Quality: Unleash Your Artistic Vision

The Canon EOS-1DX Mark III takes the art of capturing images to a whole new level with its exceptional image quality. It’s cutting-edge technology and advanced features make for an unparalleled experience. Equipped with a newly developed 20.1-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor and the mighty DIGIC X image processor, this camera ensures that every shot is bursting with remarkable detail, crispness, and clarity. Whether you’re capturing the delicate intricacies of a flower petal or the vibrant hues of a breathtaking sunset, the EOS-1DX Mark III goes above and beyond, allowing photographers to produce images of uncompromising quality that speak volumes.

Speed and Precision: Seizing Moments in the Blink of an Eye

For professionals who find themselves immersed in fast-paced shooting scenarios, the Canon EOS-1DX Mark III is an absolute game-changer. Its lightning-fast speed and unwavering precision provide photographers with an unrivalled edge. With an incredible continuous shooting speed of up to 16 frames per second when using the optical viewfinder, and a jaw-dropping 20 frames per second in Live View mode, this camera ensures you never miss a crucial shot. Its advanced autofocus system, armed with a 191-point AF sensor and cutting-edge deep learning technology, guarantees swift and accurate subject tracking, even in the most challenging conditions. Say goodbye to blurry images and hello to pin-sharp focus with the EOS-1DX Mark III.

Enhanced Video Capabilities: Unleash Your Cinematic Vision

The Canon EOS-1DX Mark III isn’t limited to still photography alone; it’s also a formidable force in the world of videography. With its remarkable 4K video recording capabilities at up to 60 frames per second, this camera delivers stunning video quality and seamlessly captures the fluidity of motion. The advanced Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology ensures precise focus tracking during video recording, resulting in footage that oozes professionalism. Supporting both DCI and UHD 4K resolutions, the EOS-1DX Mark III opens up a world of creative possibilities for videographers, allowing them to bring their cinematic visions to life.

Rugged Durability: Built to Withstand the Elements

Professionals often find themselves venturing into challenging environments where their equipment needs to be as tough as they are. Enter the Canon EOS-1DX Mark III, a camera built to thrive in the face of adversity. Its robust and weather-sealed construction is a testament to its durability. Crafted with a magnesium alloy body that’s dust and moisture-resistant, this camera is a reliable companion, no matter the ruggedness of the outdoor setting. With the EOS-1DX Mark III by your side, you can rest assured that your camera can handle the toughest conditions, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect shot without worrying about your equipment.

Seamless Workflow Integration: Streamlining Your Creative Process

Efficiency is the name of the game for professional photographers, and the Canon EOS-1DX Mark III has been designed with exactly that in mind. This remarkable camera features built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS connectivity, enabling seamless integration with a wide array of devices. Instantly share your work with the world, thanks to the camera’s connectivity options. Moreover, the EOS-1DX Mark III supports the new HEIF file format, which offers a greater dynamic range and enhanced flexibility during post-processing. With its advanced connectivity and compatibility with Canon’s extensive range of lenses and accessories, this camera elevates the overall workflow and productivity of professionals, making their lives easier and their creative process smoother.

Conclusion: Unleash Your Photography Potential Today!

In conclusion, the Canon EOS-1DX Mark III is a truly remarkable camera that combines unparalleled image quality, speed, precision, and durability. Whether you’re a sports photographer capturing those decisive moments that define a game, a wildlife photographer freezing those fleeting encounters with nature’s wonders, or a videographer creating breathtaking cinematic masterpieces, this camera is an absolute must-have. With its cutting-edge technology and awe-inspiring capabilities, the EOS-1DX Mark III empowers professionals to push their creative boundaries and take their photography to unprecedented levels. Embrace the power of this exceptional camera, unlock your full photography potential, and watch your artistic vision soar to new heights. The world is waiting to see what you can create with the Canon EOS-1DX Mark III.

  • DIGIC X processor
  • Bespoke 20.1-megapixel sensor
  • ISO 102400 – expandable to 819200
  • 20 fps continuous shooting
  • 4K 60p, or 5.5K RAW Video
In The Box
  1. Canon EOS-1D X Mark III Digital SLR Body
  2. Canon LP-E19 Battery Pack (2750mAh)
  3. Canon LC-E19 Battery Charger
  4. Canon Eyecup Eg
  5. Canon IFC-100U Interface Cable (39.4
  6. Cable Holder
  7. L7 Wide Strap
Vari-angle monitor
1D X Mark III
Megapixel Banding
20 – 30
Monitor Size
MegaPixel (Effective Resolution)
20.1 megapixels
Sensor Size (WxH mm)
36 x 24 mm
Max Image Resolution
5472 x 3648
Lens Mount
Canon EF
Compatible storage media (card not supplied)
Continuous Shooting Speed (fps)
20 fps
Exposure Modes
The program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual
Metering Modes
Evaluative, Partial Metering, Centre Weighted, Spot
ISO Speed Range
50 – 819200 (expanded)
Built-in Flash
White Balance Modes
Auto, White Balance Bracketing, Custom
Focusing Modes
One-shot AF, AI Servo AF, Continuous AF, Manual
Body Dimensions (WxHxD) mm
158 x 167.6 x 82.6 mm
Weight (g)

1250 g


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