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A great, quick gap wide-point prime focal point. UD and aspherical components dispose of mutilation and deviations for dazzling outcomes. An f/1.4 greatest gap permits hand-held shooting in low light.

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Mixing an inclined toward wide-point central length with a brilliant most extreme gap, the EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM is a Group L-series focal point portrayed by a vigorous actual development and refined optical plan. Two super low scattering components help to control chromatic deviations and variety bordering while a couple of aspherical components diminish round variations and bending for high sharpness and lucidity. Individual components likewise highlight a Sub Frequency Covering to smother focal point flare and ghosting for further developed differentiation and variety impartiality in an assortment of lighting conditions. Other than the optical characteristics, this focal point is additionally recognized by its quick f/1.4 greatest opening to help to work in low-light circumstances for controlling the profundity of the field. Furthermore, this focal point sports a ring-type USM for fast and calm self-adjust execution and full-time manual center supersede, and an inner drifting center component likewise assists with keeping up with reliable picture quality all through the whole centering range.


Quick gap prime focal point

The EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM has an enormous greatest gap of f/1.4, making hand-held shooting conceivable in low light. Such enormous openings can be utilized to confine the profundity of the field, even at such short central lengths. Roundabout stomach edges bring about smooth out-of-center locales (bokeh).

Aspherical and UD components
For ideal visual execution, the focal point consolidates two sorts of unique components: aspherical components to address circular variations, and Super UD (super low scattering) components to dispose of auxiliary chromatic distortions. The outcome is fresh, high differentiation, and undistorted picture quality as far as possible across the edge.

Subwavelength structure focal point covering
Group’s protected focal point component covering limits the ghosting and flare brought about by inside reflections inside a focal point and helps the EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM to convey fresh, clear pictures.

Ultrasonic centering
A ring-type ultrasonic engine drives self-adjust very rapidly, and in close to quiet. Amazing holding force guarantees the mark of the center is reached precisely, without overshooting. Besides, full-time manual supersede is accessible, making it conceivable to change center without leaving AF mode.

L-series quality
The L-series is Standard’s leader proficient focal point range, addressing the best in accuracy planned EF optics. L-series focal points consolidate unrivaled execution with standout taking care of and are impervious to residue and dampness.

Sans lead optics
Harmless to the ecosystem, sans lead glass is utilized all through the development of the EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM.


Point of view (horizontal, vertical, diagonal): 74°, 53°, 84°
Focal point development (components/gatherings): 13/10
No. of stomach cutting edges: 8
Least opening: 22
Nearest centering distance (m): 0.25
Greatest amplification (x): 0.17
Distance data: Gave
AF actuator: Ring USM
Dust/dampness opposition: Yes
Channel breadth (mm): 77
Max. breadth x length (mm): 93.5 x 86.9
Weight (g): 650g


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